Who am I?

my photoI’ve been a bookseller, advertising hack, English teacher, newspaper reporter, communications director, and an editor. Do you sense a theme? I am also a writer. I used to have vague notions of writing the great American novel.

Then, I realized that I loved writing about reluctant dragons, girls who sprouted roots from their feet, and punks who were really water gods. Yes, that’s right, sci-fi/fantasy. Love the stuff. My fantasy novel The First, is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and   Smashwords. I also have two free sci-fi short stories up on Smashwords: Green and The Last Zoo.

Contact: post here or email SaraZaskeBlog@gmail.com

Review requests: *I regret to say I’m not currently accepting them. I’ve just been too busy writing and stuff. Sorry. 


2 Responses to Who am I?

  1. It’s great to have found you. I’m also a writer/teacher and always looking for good books and writers with similar interests.

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